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6 min readMay 1, 2024


This May, we are excited to be hiring for 3 roles at Koreo, which between them will operate across all levels of the organisation and across all our portfolios of work. Below you’ll find information about us and our work, details about the three roles, some information on why we’re hiring now, and how to apply to any of the roles.

About Koreo

If you don’t know us already, we are a learning consultancy dedicated to imagining and building a better world. We believe that a just and regenerative world is possible; that the talent to build it is everywhere; that the work of building it is for everyone; and that doing so will require a radical approach to learning.

Since 2004, we have combined those beliefs to become one of the UK’s leading learning and development partners for organisations in the public and non-profit sectors; working directly with leaders in communities, partnering with household name institutions to shift organisational culture towards learning, and delivering cross sector learning networks that bring people together across organisational boundaries.

After 20 years, our work is still grounded in a viewpoint that, at its best, the UK’s civil society is a transformative force for social change. But also that the sector is too often in thrall to the past, reflecting the captured interests of the present rather than leading the way to a just and regenerative future. To show the way towards that future, we need to build a sector that can not only adapt to a rapidly emerging future, but also actively shape it; building organisations that can create space for learning innovation, developing people that can work with uncertainty and complexity, and coming together to mobilise the wisdom all around us in communities.

To serve that need, our work is organised into 3 overlapping portfolios of work, each holding a range of learning projects. We have a portfolio of Learning Networks, through which we bring together cross-sector networks that create environments for people to learn together across organisational, geographic or thematic boundaries. Examples include Civic Futures, The London Engagement Collaborative and the Community Leadership Academy. We have an Organisational Change portfolio, through which we work with social change organisations on projects dedicated to culture change, capacity building, leadership development, learning, and innovation. Recent or current clients include the Mind Federation, the Health Foundation, Nacro, Care USA, Scouts. And we have a portfolio which we call Routes into & through, which brings together networks of employers to create new routes into and through social change careers. Examples include Charityworks, 2027 and Change100.

And to deliver that work, we spend a lot of time focused on how we do the work. We have a vision and strategy which guides what we do, and a values framework that guides how we do it. You can access both of those documents in this folder here.

3 Opportunities to Join Us

If all that sounds good, then read on for the opportunities. There are 3 in total (a likely 4th to talk about soon!), and all of them will be integral to our success as a collective over the next year and beyond. Between them, there’s a range of seniority/responsibility, a variety of focus/practice, and a combination of working on our most established, and most emergent work.

The details of the roles are as follows:

  • Portfolio Manager (Learning Networks): As you’ll have seen, the Learning Networks portfolio has a fascinating range of projects which touch on multiple parts of the civic ecosystem, and is a rich environment for someone looking to facilitate cross-sector learning, inquiry and experimentation in a social change context. We’re looking for someone to manage this portfolio replacing the portfolio’s current lead Sheetal Mistry to lead the design and delivery of projects, while also playing a key role in the ongoing growth and development of the work. We’re looking for someone with an established learning and facilitation practice, confident in managing and delivering ambitious projects, and who wants to build the portfolio from its strong current position. That job pack is here.
  • Portfolio Manager (Organisational Change): This part time role (3 days a week) is focused into our growing portfolio of organisational change work, with clients across the non-profit and public sectors in the UK and internationally. Responsible for managing several projects in the portfolio, this will be a varied role and will require someone to lead projects operationally, to design and deliver excellent learning experiences for clients. Initially, this role will report into Koreo’s CEO as she leads the growth of the portfolio. As such, it will require someone to be confident at starting and operationalising new projects, as well as sustaining existing programmes of work. Like with the Learning Networks manager, we are looking for someone with an established learning and facilitation practice, confident in managing and delivering ambitious projects, and who wants to play a key role in building the portfolio and the team that delivers it. This job pack is here.
  • Project Coordinator (Routes Into & Through): And finally, we’re going to be recruiting into a Project Coordinator to work with Jordan, Ashanya, Ben, and Sinmi in our Routes into and Through portfolio, with a particular focus on Charityworks, which was our first and is still our largest project. You will be joining an established team working to clear direction, and in the first few months will be focused on supporting participants through selection and placement processes and on to our key programmes. We’re looking for people who are super organised, excited by challenge, and committed to making a difference through your work. If you’re all of those things we’d love to hear from you! The job pack can be found here.

How to Apply

To apply for any of these roles, please complete the application form available here by 10am on Monday 20th May 2024. If you have any questions about applying, you can direct any enquiries to hello@koreo.co up to 48 working hours prior to the application deadline.

We strongly encourage applications from people who are historically under-represented in positions of leadership in the social sector, London and the United Kingdom, including Black and People of Colour, gender-nonconforming people, and people with disabilities. In support of our approach to flexible working, we are happy to receive applications from those seeking full-time employment, as well as those who may want to share the role on a part-time or flexible basis.

Our recruitment process:

  • All applications are received centrally and are anonymised by a member of the team before being shared with the panel for screening and selection
  • Our team will shortlist candidates based on the criteria as presented within the role and person specification.
  • We are unfortunately unable to offer feedback to non-shortlisted candidates; however, every applicant will be informed of the outcome of their application.
  • Shortlisted candidates will be invited via email to take part in a panel interview, most likely held virtually, that may also include some written and/or scenario-based tasks
  • Preliminary interview dates for the Portfolio Manager roles are currently: 24th, 28th, & 29th May with the Project Coordinator role interviewing on 30th May and 3rd June.
  • Appointed and shortlisted candidates will receive feedback on their application and performance through the application and interview process
  • References will be requested and verified following an offer of employment.

Further information

Should you require any particular arrangements or support related to this process, we are committed to working with you to support this as much as possible — including after any appointment. We seek to ensure the accessibility of our recruitment processes and workplaces and environments for everyone so please let us know at any point during the process via hello@koreo.co.

And that’s it — thanks for reading and good luck if you do decide to apply!




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